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Simonster is one of the world’s leading experts in powermoves. Training in gymnastics and breakdancing from a young age, his teaching methods reflect a mixture of knowledge from these disciplines. Attaining a physiotherapy degree furthered his understanding of the body and biomechanics. Simonster strives to maximize results for all looking to learn powermoves through effective and systematic training programs .


Our in-depth eBook series consist of progressions, training drills, and conditioning exercises to achieve each powermove. How to transition between powermoves is also covered. We include both an eBook in PDF format, friendly for smart phones and desktop, as well as high quality videos covering exercise demonstration with explanation of key cues and common mistakes.

Planche ebook

The planche is an elusive skill desired by most bodyweight enthusiasts. Not only is the planche an impressive display of strentgh; it is also a valuable transferable skill.

This training program is the product of over a decade of training, research and teaching experience. It provides a safe, scientific and progressive guide to achieving a strong and technically sound planche.

Ground Power

Ground powermoves have origins in bboying (breakdancing) and are now performed by many athletes, including gymnasts, trickers and freerunners. These moves provide a good foundation for learning air powermoves.