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effecient, practical and progressively

Simon Ata has been training power and strength moves since for over a decade.  Not only through trial and error, but also through studying the biomechanics and eventually receiving higher education in physical therapy.  Practicality and sensible training are what many lack when doing skill and strength work.  


Our in depth ebook series consist of progressions, common mistakes, and example workout routines.  We discover workout routines, conditioning, strengthening and flexibility aspects.  We include both an ebook in PDF format friendly for smart phones and desktop, as well as high quality videos to go along with the ebook.

Planche ebook

The planche becoming increasingly popular as activities such as calisthenics, bboying, crossfit, street workout and various other bodyweight movements are making it a serious part of their practice.  Simonster explains the method that he used to acheive not only is planche, but planche push ups.  A skill that has high transferability, you will not regret achieving this skill!

Ground Power

With orgins in bboying (breakdance), ground power is seen as a fundamental set of skills. Today you will see these skills practiced widely outside of breaking.  You will see the skills practiced in gymnastics, freerunning, calisthenics (street workout), and the general bodyweight skill enthusiast love it for a party move. Read more to see moves covered...